Love Milo places a strong emphasis on sustainability on a personal level and as a brand, because what we take away from nature should never be more than the inspiration itself! 


At Love Milo all the wooden products are made using only sustainable wood, which is sourced through alien clearing.

Alien trees are harmful to the natural South African environment, especially the fynbos that is so special to this part of the Cape! Alien trees, like Blue Gums, not only rob the indigenous flora of water but prevent them from creating their own indigenous habitat. Therefore, we do not believe in cutting down indigenous trees that take many years to grow for the sake of beauty but rather to find a clever way to reuse what doesn't serve us anyway.

The wood from Blue Gums is too hard to use for furniture, but we mould the wood into imperfect shapes to create unique hand carved wooden bowls and saucers, serving boards and kitchen utensils.

In short all our wooden products are made with wood sourced through alien clearing that is otherwise harmful to the natural vegetation, and so important to take down.