A quick guide on how best to look after your Love Milo products!


1. The brass tumbler and tray can be wiped down with a soft cloth or polished with a liquid brass cleaner. 

2. IMPORTANT - brass spoon care is different.

3. The brass spoons need to be hand washed and can't be cleaned with a harsh product or brass cleaner.



1. Oil your leather products with a leather dubbin using a soft cloth.

2. This is recommended to be done around once a year, when the leather starts to look dry.



1. Oil your wooden products with a natural oil, such as olive oil.

2. Simply wipe the product with the natural oil and allow for the oil to soak in.

2. This is recommended to be done around once every 3 months, when the wood starts to feel dry.




1. Our fabric products can be machine washed on a cold water cycle. For best results with printed fabrics: Gentle hand wash separately in cold water.

2. IMPORTANT - do not machine wash the fabric and leather products.

3. For all fabric products that have leather you will need to hand wash the fabric with a hard brush and soap, whilst not letting the leather get wet. 

Pigment print has a limited lifespan and may fade over time.For best results with printed fabrics:Gentle hand wash separately in cold water.Avoid strong detergents, hard spinning, hot or industrial wash.Do not bleach.Drip dry – do not wring.Do not scrub.Iron on reverse.