The Contemporary Lifestyle Brand for the wild at heart!
Taking daily inspiration from our surroundings, we translate the gratitude we have for earthy elements into nature-inspired designs, with the hopes of arousing a collective consciousness of nature’s splendor and sacredness. 
Our hope for those who interact with our products enjoy the benefits of being surrounded by the beauty of nature and to feel inspired when interacting with them.  


Design for Living
Love Milo was started in 2014 by artist and photographer Nicki Ellis:
“Beautiful things inspire a person, but instead of putting these things onto walls to admire from a distance, why not make it a part of everything we do.  When we drink our morning coffee, why not incorporate beauty into this? Why not make this a process of interacting with art? What a good way to start the day,” she left her job in post production, where she felt she created for others as part of a mechanical process, and instead began to experiment with her own designs and fascination with the imperfection of nature. 
She focused all her time into creating beautiful content photos and products for the brand and put all her love into her images. She has a keen eye and good aesthetics and can help create the best images for your brands look & social media.