Homemade pasta, the perfect hearty comfort food for Winter, to battle these wild stormy days.

It' hard to beat a good bowl of pasta especially when it's freshly homemade. 

Make it yourself using our recommended recipe or order from @tumtum freshly made for you. 

The joy lying in it's delicious simplicity. Simple hearty food, with natural ingredients and wholesome goodness. 

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Our recommended pasta eating kit consists of Love Milo's black plates, small gold spoons with a tapas set for condiments, wooden boards which are ideal for chopping and serving fresh toppings on, wooden bowls for serving the pasta or garnishes in and lastly our bird napkin sets because we all know that it's never the easiest of jobs eating pasta.

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black plate R230
hand painted plates x2 R1, 200
small brass spoon R70
large brass spoon R100
wooden bowl R360
wooden board R360
tapas set R360
bird napkin set R175

For freshly made pasta delivered to you check out @tumtum. 

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small brass spoon
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Large brass spoon
R 0.00R 120.00
Black Plate
R 250.00
wooden bowl
R 360.00
wooden long board
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Hand Painted Plates x 2
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