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integrity and congruence…

...two values we hold very dear here at Love Milo.

Look, beautiful designs can inspire serenity…

...but what if the process behinds the items decorated with this designs actually brought more pain into this world than good?

What if children in a foreign country were exploited to build these ‘beautiful’ cups out of the wood of endangered trees?

Wouldn’t you say the hypocrisy of it all would ruin the ‘good intention’ of inspiring peace through the design?

Me and the team at Love Milo definitely think it would.

Which is why we’re 100% committed to integrity and congruence.

We only use alien trees that are harmful to the natural environment for our wooden products, like Blue Gum trees, that rob the indigenous flora of water.

The wood from Blue Gums is too hard to use for furniture, but here at Love Milo we mould the wood into imperfect shapes to create the unique hand carved saucers

Here at Love Milo, we do not believe in cutting down indigenous trees that take many years to grow for the sake of beauty, but to rather find a clever way to reuse what doesn't serve us anyway.

We do our best to manufacture 100% in-studio themselves together with two in-house seamstresses and two ceramicists.

Products that can’t be done in-house are outsourced to local businesses.

This way we feel we are contributing to the growth of the economy and uplifting our local community - which is a VERY important part what we’ve chosen as our code of ethics for doing business.

And these are just two examples of the many small actions we take to make sure our beautiful designs not only inspire serenity and wellness…

...but actually help CREATE it in the world.

Some of our products may be a slightly higher price than other items on the market, but the expense is ultimately paying for business practices that make this world a better place.

So you can rest assured that when you choose the large cup & saucer that’ll turn your morning coffee or tea routine into a beautiful practice of connection with the stillness within…

...your act will help both you and the world achieve a higher state of being.

You can go to our store to check out my other designs and choose the one which inspires the most peace in you.

And before I go...

Thank you for all YOU do make this world a better place my friend.

Stay centered,

Nicki Ellis


Love Milo



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