Fields of Gold

We hopped into the car and headed on a road trip last week! A new adventure into the wonder of the nature.

Surrounded by natural beauty, the home of creative thought.

We ventured deep in the canola fields, inspired by the brilliance of a carpet of gold to capture moments with some of our latest designs. 

The wonderful contrast of our black star fabric against the endless yellow sea of flowers; combine this with a whimsical red dress for a striking combination of colour calling for some photography. 

We soaked up the sun, collecting flowers to weave into our hair and picnicking on fallen stars from a midnight sky. The star fabric range offering the perfect picnic blanket and pillows to rest on during the heat of the afternoon sun. 

After we had finished picnicking and exploring the fields with our cameras, capturing content and collecting new ideas and inspiration, we bundled our star fabric into our wicker picnic basket and made our way back home. 

A perfect day trip complete with the weekend lying ahead. Venturing into the canola fields was our latest adventure with more to come soon!