Christmas table setting

Drawing inspiration from nature and the earth’s mineral

compositions, we use this same theme through our Christmas table setting this year, juxtaposing the imperfect elements

with handmade elements to create something unique. Our designs

are quite visually surprising. When placed against a white setting or

clean background, for example, the designs catch your eye.

The idea with this nature-inspired table setting is to mix black,

white and gold with a touch of greenery, using succulents rather

than the traditional Christmas flowers. The mix of branch and bird

runners with napkins work well together to add a burst of pattern

and contrast. We have used black plates to add boldness, and

accents of gold cutlery and wooden plates for a unique, natural and

contemporary festive season look. The setting is then finished off

with soya candles to add a warm festive season glow.

In today’s world, many don’t have the time to stop and enjoy

nature, so the aim with a nature-inspired setting is to enjoy the

benefits of being surrounded by the beauty of the environment and

feel energised when interacting with it.




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