One Small Bag, One Big Adventure!
Our Love Milo triangle sling bag recently went on a wild African adventure! The route took Love Milo through 6 different countries in 18 days. We are all about a good road trip into the wild and what better way to remember each stop than sewing small souvenirs onto our fabric sling bag. Oh and did we is the perfect size to travel lightly and fit a passport in for a quick border crossing! This is the story of our traveling sling bag. 
It was a small bag on a BIG adventure.
There was abundant wild life along the route. Elephants, the gentle giants of the bush, always making an appearance to walk alongside us on their enormous padded feet. Waiting for giraffes to gracefully finish crossing the road ahead of the car, a daily occurrence. Falling asleep to the sound of rhinos drinking at nearby watering holes and porcupines rustling at night. The great lion, always somewhere in the distance, lazing in the shade of the thorn trees, natures umbrella against the heat of the African bush at midday. We were in the wild heart of Africa, my sling bag and I, and I couldn't have been happier. New adventures awaited us at the break of each new day as we clambered out of our tents and hit the road again.
Sometimes we travelled by road and sometimes we travelled by river. The white water currents often getting us places faster! With everything my bag came too and as my feet got dirtier and my hair got wilder, my bag stayed perfectly intact. The ultimate test of durability.
The people we met along the way...they were what truly stole my heart, with contagious joy and the warmest of welcomes wherever we went. Our language barriers were never a problem, as we spoke in a language of smiles and gestures, sharing with each other stories of our homes.
Welcomed into each new community, alive with color and design against the backdrop of the rugged African bush, my heart was full to be here and to experience this.
Our route lead us from South Africa to Namibia, followed by Botswana, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique. At each new stop I found a small piece of printed cloth, porcupine quills or handmade flags to sew onto my Love Milo sling which was fast becoming a diary of my journey through the beating heart of Africa, something I will keep forever.