Our New Cosmos range!


 Encapsulating the universe one design at a time


Perfect through imperfection, Love Milo’s Nicki Ellis is known to effortlessly capture Mother Nature through her eclectic design talent. With no exception to this now established rule, Love Milo proudly presents their latest collection as seen in the night sky, Cosmos.


Inspiration: Where Else But the Night Sky

 Cosmos is a fresh, contemporary play on points without order. Similar to the stars above, where the spacing is accidental yet each composition creates its own unique pattern. Perfect harmony through disproportion.


“This range plays with spirited composition, aimed at adding something completely exclusive and eye catching to a table and home. It’s the beautiful haphazard scatter of dots create an ethereal look that fits so well with the rest of our designs.”


  • Nicki Ellis, Founder and Snr Designer at Love Milo